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Who are we?

Opening a business can be a stressful thing for anyone. One decision that needs to be made is who you'll align yourself with in the process.

There is a continuing flow of new models coming out onto the market. Providing many options for agents to go out on their own. While the new models coming out onto the market provide a wide variety of options, it is starting to confuse agents.

This is where SocialSquared comes in. In an industry first, SocialSquared have launched a recruitment/comparison service for real estate models. We work with a wide variety of agencies in-order to provide you the most option when you engage our services.

The Process

1. The Initial Contact

Once you make contact with us, we get to work straight away. We get in contact to set up a time & date to meet, whether in person or over the phone/zoom. After we set a meeting, we conduct some research into you & your business. It gives us an idea on your past performance which helps us pair you with the right company.

2. The Meeting

Our director, Lachlan sits down with you either in-person or over zoom.  We ask a large amount of questions from a set questionare we have created which helps us nail down exactly what you need to help pair you with the right companies.

After we complete the meeting, we get in contact with the companies we believe are right for you to ensure that they recruiting in your area. Within 24 hours, we reply to you with a list of a few companies that we believe suit you.

3. The recruitment Process

After we provide you the list, we step back and let you go through the recruitment process with the companies we recommend. We still continue to support you throughout the process, answering any questions/concerns you might have.

We also have multiple resources set out to assist you if needed, all of which have the purpose of getting you ready to go out on your own.

4. After you join a company

After you select the company you'll be joining, our list of resources will still be at your full disposal for as long as you require it. We check in after 6 months to see how you're performing with your new company. During the call, we address any concerns or issues you might have. 

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