• Lachlan Shields

SocialSquared launches assistance service for agents wanting to start their own business

There's been a growing trend of agents starting their own businesses or rebranding. With the ever-growing amount of business models and new companies entering the space, agents are becoming unsure of who to align their businesses with.

This was the thought of SocialSquared Director, Lachlan Shields. "After spending the last few years researching new entrants to the Real Estate Market, it was clear the market was becoming vast. While the ever-increasing amount of options is great for the real estate industry, it can become confusing for agents choosing who to align themselves with." "After having a few people approach me asking for advice on which companies I would recommend to direct them towards, It had been made clear to me how much of a need there was for a service like this." SocialSquared has already signed on 30+ companies to the platform, with more on the way.

SocialSquared will work one-on-one with every agent, ensuring that we not only pair them with the companies that suit their needs, but provide on-going support & resources throughout the entire process.

SocialSquared charges companies a one-off flat fee upon the agents first sale or lease. According to Mr Shields "It keeps us neutral, it put a level of comfort in the minds of agents knowing that we won't just refer them to the company which will pay us the most money." To learn more, go to

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